• Turkmenistan: Doors Opening, Doors Slamming

    Turkmenistan: Doors Opening, Doors Slamming

    Much was made of this year’s secondary school graduating class in Turkmenistan, in both local and international media. This was due to the fact that no students graduated from Turkmen […]

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  • Students at the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics and other prestigious foreign university branches in Tashkent say they can’t get away with skipping class and paying teachers for good grades. Photo: Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics in Tashkent.

    Uzbekistan: From Russia, With Luck

    TASHKENT, Uzbekistan | Anya entered the Tashkent branch of an expensive Russian economics university rather than one of Uzbekistan’s public universities, gambling that her choice would lead to a good […]

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  • Kazakhstan: Not a Golden Ticket

    Kazakhstan: Not a Golden Ticket

    ASTANA, Kazakhstan | Kazakhstan’s National Science Fund recently rejected a job applicant because he was just too cocky.

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  • The plot of last year’s Macedonian Film “Shadows” involves the trade in human bones. Photo: Bavaria Film International.

    Macedonia: Macabre Market

    SKOPJE | Like a character in a crime movie, Olga walked through the dark alleys of the city’s Taftalidje district late one February night. Waiting in the shadows was a […]

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  • Russia: A Terrible Thing to Waste

    Russia: A Terrible Thing to Waste

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia | It was an amicable-seeming offer that the academic felt was impossible to resist. So the rector of a state-funded technical university in St. Petersburg, who also […]

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  • Uzbekistan: Lessons in Graft

    Uzbekistan: Lessons in Graft

    TASHKENT, Uzbekistan | Uzbek authorities may be trying to overhaul the educational system to “renew the society” and implement “democratic transformation.” But any steps toward progress may be hindered by […]

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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: New Law, Old Chaos

    Bosnia and Herzegovina: New Law, Old Chaos

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina | The question of where the buck stops in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s education system isn’t easy to answer. The country has 14 ministries of education. There […]

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  • Azerbaijan: Come Back, Kids

    Azerbaijan: Come Back, Kids

    BAKU, Azerbaijan | Fariz Ismayilzade frequently says “no.” The chairman of the American Alumni Association, a Baku-based group of past participants in U.S. educational programs, said the roughly 900 members […]

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  • Macedonia: Back to School

    Macedonia: Back to School

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | A man with a bachelor’s degree in electro-technology drives a taxi in the city. Another man with a diploma in economics spends his days toiling as a […]

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  • Georgia: Steps and Stumbles

    Georgia: Steps and Stumbles

    TBILISI, Georgia | As the last millennium drew to a close, Georgia’s once-excellent educational system, which nurtured mathematicians, doctors, philosophers, and historians in the early 20th century, was clearly on […]

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