Eastern Europe

  • Workers assemble electrical products at a KWL plant.

    Ukraine: Butchers, Bakers, and Software Makers

    LVIV, Ukraine | Once the backbone of the Ukrainian educational system, trade schools turned out steelworkers, cooks, mechanics, welders, and bus conductors to fill waiting jobs in the centralized economy. […]

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  • Poland: Into Bed, Blindly

    Poland: Into Bed, Blindly

    Years ago, Poles would apparently blush when they came to one tick-box on customs and immigration forms: sex. Embarrassed at these foreigners’ bald intrusion into the darkest sphere of their […]

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  • Russia: A History in Dispute

    Russia: A History in Dispute

    ULYANOVSK, Russia | Teaching history in Russia is, in the best of circumstances, a delicate matter. In a single class, teachers can find the children and grandchildren of those who […]

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  • Russia: Gagarin Had Free Education

    Russia: Gagarin Had Free Education

    ULYANOVSK, Russia | When Russia’s pensioners took to the streets early this year in protest at plans to reforms social benefits, observers predicted this would be just one of a […]

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