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The School of Data fellowship programme aims to to recruit and train the next generation of data leaders and trainers to magnify the reach of our data literacy programme. The fellows will provide training and ongoing support to journalists, civil society organisations, and individual change makers to use data effectively within their community and country.

At School of Data, we hope to recruit fellows on a regular basis, and provide them with data and leadership training as well as coaching to organise events and build their community. Our fellows are part of a growing global network of School of Data practitioners, benefiting from the network effects of sharing resources and knowledge and contributing to our understanding of how best to localise our training efforts.

There are up to 10 fellowship positions open for the July to December 2014 School of Data training programme.

We have current collaborations and resourcing confirmed to support fellows from the following countries: Romania, Hungary, South Africa, Indonesia, and Tanzania. We are also able to consider applicants for the remaining 5 places in this round from countries meeting these criteria:

• The country falls under lower income, lower-middle income or upper-middle income categories as classified here.

• There is demand from civil society organisations and/or journalists who wish to benefit from such a scheme.

• There are some interesting datasets available in the country which would be worth exploring further. These could either be data published by a government or organisation or data collected by an organisation for their own internal use. Digitised or non-digitised—anything goes! We’re keen for a variety of challenges and want the fellows’ help to adapt teaching techniques to a variety of situations.

Our goal is to have global fellows from a wide mix of these countries. Don’t see your country listed? Keep reading to learn how you can get involved!

The application will be open until 1st of June 2014.

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See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See who is a fellow now.

We have existing funding from Partnership for Open Data (World Bank, Open Data Institute, and Open Knowledge), Hewlett Foundation, Open Society Foundations, IndigoTrust, and SEATTI to support this work aimed at finding local leaders.

Our fellows will benefit from the generous support of our local implementing partners. In Africa, our fellows will work in close collaboration with African Media Initiative and Code for Africa; in South Africa in particular, we are happy to work with Code4SA; in Hungary, K-Monitor will be our main local partner; in Romania, The Foundation for an Open Society; In Indonesia we will work with Publish What You Pay Indonesia. Depending on where there is demand for fellows, we will continue to reach out to local organisations who can support our fellows to be most effective.



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