Regional Conference of Educators „Learning Through Inquiry“

“I explore, discover, wonder, question… the world around me”

How to organize scientific research with children? How to take teaching process out of the classrooms – in the forest, city squares, among people, in the community? How to ask good questions and think critically about the world around you? – These are just few questions posed to participants of the 6th Regional Conference of Educators, held in Konjic from 21 to 24 August, 2014.

Every year since 2009, at the end of August and just before the beginning of the new school year, Bosnia and Herzegovina become home for hundreds of teachers, university professors, policy makers, educational authorities, NGO representatives and other professionals from six ex-Yugoslavia countries at the annual Regional Conference of Educators.

conferenceinsarajevo1Over the last five years, Conference attended more than 1.100 participants, and many of them come over and over again, bringing their friends and colleagues. This Conference is unique opportunity mainly for the teachers to promote best practices, gain new skills and knowledge and play important role in closing gap between practitioners, univconferenceinsarajevo1ersities, civil society and policy makers. More than 300 of them had opportunity to present, conduct workshop or discussion group, and regain confidence and pride in what they do, improve their presentation skills and connect with their peers from other countries, maintaining contacts during the year.

This years’ Conference, named “Learning Through Inquiry” was held in a small town Konjic, in August 21st to 24th, and brought together almost 300 educational professionals from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

26 research teams from different countries planned and conducted research about important historical and cultural monuments in Konjic, the beauty of the river and bridges; they explore sounds, smell and taste of the city, interviewed citizens, vendors at a market-day, kids and adults. Science Fair was the opportunity to try different experiments, and learn how to apply them in the classroom.

The Conference was organized by Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step, organization that promotes rights for quality education for every child for the last 18 years (, in cooperation with other organizations, members of International Step by Step Association (ISSA in the Region.

Conference was supported by USAID and Open Society Fund BiH, but also funded by teachers and schools.





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