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  • Croatia: Street Smart

    Croatia: Street Smart

    ZAGREB | Thousands of Croatian students who took to the streets this month to protest a new university admissions test and reforms in higher education, complaining that schools and universities […]

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  • Montenegro: Getting its Story Straight

    Montenegro: Getting its Story Straight

    PODGORICA | Predrag Raznatovic quickly reads aloud through the part of the history book that states thousands of Montenegrins were killed by Serbs in 1918. He doesn’t believe what he […]

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  • Russia: A Terrible Thing to Waste

    Russia: A Terrible Thing to Waste

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia | It was an amicable-seeming offer that the academic felt was impossible to resist. So the rector of a state-funded technical university in St. Petersburg, who also […]

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  • Macedonia: Class Struggle

    Macedonia: Class Struggle

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | The Albanian students who attend Zef Ljus Marku High School don’t know the Macedonian students at Nikola Karev High School, even though both groups attend classes in […]

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  • Estonia: Twisted Tongues

    Estonia: Twisted Tongues

    TALLINN, Estonia | It’s a warm September day in central Tallinn, but the heat inside the hotel conference room has nothing to do with the baking sunlight. Fiery exchanges fly […]

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  • Which alphabet should they use?

    Uzbekistan: Dead Letter

    TASHKENT, Uzbekistan | A planned switch from a version of the Cyrillic script introduced for the Uzbek language under Joseph Stalin nearly 70 years ago to the Latin alphabet is […]

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  • Serbia: History to Order

    Serbia: History to Order

    Serbian politicians still view history teaching in public schools as an instrument for shaping historical memory and national consciousness in order to fit pre-determined national goals and purposes. This is […]

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  • Kyrgyzstan: Reading, Writing, and Riots

    Kyrgyzstan: Reading, Writing, and Riots

    OSH, Kyrgyzstan | One afternoon a few weeks ago, the school where Svetlana Karpushkina works as a principal was attacked by a gang of 40 teenagers from another school.

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  • Russia: A History in Dispute

    Russia: A History in Dispute

    ULYANOVSK, Russia | Teaching history in Russia is, in the best of circumstances, a delicate matter. In a single class, teachers can find the children and grandchildren of those who […]

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  • Kosovo: Far From Pristine

    Kosovo: Far From Pristine

    PRISTINA, Kosovo | Petrit Hysaj is angry, angry because he says that the past week has been a complete waste of his time. A third-year political science student at Pristina […]

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