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  • Armenia: Out With the Old

    Armenia: Out With the Old

    YEREVAN, Armenia | Several women sit in a lecture room in Yerevan State University’s biology department. In angry voices loud enough to be heard down the corridor, they recount their […]

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  • Slovakia: From Reform to Reward

    Slovakia: From Reform to Reward

    BRATISLAVA, Slovakia | It has been a traditional sight every 1 September for over a decade. Children across Slovakia would turn up fresh from the summer holidays and enter schools […]

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  • Hungary: Graveside Manner

    Hungary: Graveside Manner

    BUDAPEST, Hungary | It is the dead of night. A couple of young people hand money to a man, their faces digitally blurred. One props a huge medical textbook on […]

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  • Croatia: Learning Curves

    Croatia: Learning Curves

    ZAGREB, Croatia | The Croatian education system is in the midst of the most important reform process since the country’s independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. But while the Science, Education, […]

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