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  • Macedonia: Go to the Head of the Class

    Macedonia: Go to the Head of the Class

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | Kire Krstevski admits that he doesn’t like to study. The first-year university student from the city of Bitola said he was lazy about keeping his grades up […]

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  • Azerbaijan: Come Back, Kids

    Azerbaijan: Come Back, Kids

    BAKU, Azerbaijan | Fariz Ismayilzade frequently says “no.” The chairman of the American Alumni Association, a Baku-based group of past participants in U.S. educational programs, said the roughly 900 members […]

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  • Macedonia: Class Struggle

    Macedonia: Class Struggle

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | The Albanian students who attend Zef Ljus Marku High School don’t know the Macedonian students at Nikola Karev High School, even though both groups attend classes in […]

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