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  • OSI-ESP News July-August 2008

    OSI-ESP News July-August 2008

    Reports and updates Study on survey of attitudes towards exam reforms in selected post-socialist countries A study entitled “Results of a survey of attitudes towards the reform of examination systems […]

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  • Macedonia: Back to School

    Macedonia: Back to School

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | A man with a bachelor’s degree in electro-technology drives a taxi in the city. Another man with a diploma in economics spends his days toiling as a […]

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  • Georgia: Steps and Stumbles

    Georgia: Steps and Stumbles

    TBILISI, Georgia | As the last millennium drew to a close, Georgia’s once-excellent educational system, which nurtured mathematicians, doctors, philosophers, and historians in the early 20th century, was clearly on […]

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  • Macedonia: PC Politics

    Macedonia: PC Politics

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | Koco Racin is an elementary school in the small village of Petrovec, about 15 kilometers from the capital.

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  • Azerbaijan: Slow to Connect

    Azerbaijan: Slow to Connect

    BAKU, Azerbaijan | Outside the oil wealth and boom-town atmosphere of this Caspian Sea capital, young Azeris are struggling to keep up with an increasingly connected world. While youth in […]

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  • Bulgaria: Fixing a (Black) Hole

    Bulgaria: Fixing a (Black) Hole

    SOFIA, Bulgaria | Asen Tzonev got his first taste of Bulgarian higher education in March when he attended a lecture as part of an Internet technology course at St. Kliment […]

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  • Southeastern Europe: Losing Human Capital

    Southeastern Europe: Losing Human Capital

    One myth that all societies in the Western Balkans have shared since the heyday of communism is the belief in the superior quality of education in the region. We may […]

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  • Slovakia: From Reform to Reward

    Slovakia: From Reform to Reward

    BRATISLAVA, Slovakia | It has been a traditional sight every 1 September for over a decade. Children across Slovakia would turn up fresh from the summer holidays and enter schools […]

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  • Hungary: Graveside Manner

    Hungary: Graveside Manner

    BUDAPEST, Hungary | It is the dead of night. A couple of young people hand money to a man, their faces digitally blurred. One props a huge medical textbook on […]

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  • Russia: Gagarin Had Free Education

    Russia: Gagarin Had Free Education

    ULYANOVSK, Russia | When Russia’s pensioners took to the streets early this year in protest at plans to reforms social benefits, observers predicted this would be just one of a […]

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