• Georgia: One History for All

    Georgia: One History for All

    Эта статью также можно прочитать в русском переводе TBILISI, Georgia | Back in 2005 the Georgian Ministry of Education decided to introduce new history textbooks for two minority communities, the […]

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  • Armenia: Not Quite Ready

    Armenia: Not Quite Ready

    YEREVAN, Armenia | Lusine Khojayan is usually so tired after coming home from work, she has little energy to play with her three children. Khojayan is an elementary school teacher […]

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  • Azerbaijan: Failing Grade

    Azerbaijan: Failing Grade

    BAKU, Azerbaijan | Many students in Azerbaijan now sit in modernized or brand new classrooms equipped with dramatically increased access to information technology, at a cost of millions of dollars […]

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  • Azerbaijan: Come Back, Kids

    Azerbaijan: Come Back, Kids

    BAKU, Azerbaijan | Fariz Ismayilzade frequently says “no.” The chairman of the American Alumni Association, a Baku-based group of past participants in U.S. educational programs, said the roughly 900 members […]

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  • Georgia: Steps and Stumbles

    Georgia: Steps and Stumbles

    TBILISI, Georgia | As the last millennium drew to a close, Georgia’s once-excellent educational system, which nurtured mathematicians, doctors, philosophers, and historians in the early 20th century, was clearly on […]

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  • Armenia: Out With the Old

    Armenia: Out With the Old

    YEREVAN, Armenia | Several women sit in a lecture room in Yerevan State University’s biology department. In angry voices loud enough to be heard down the corridor, they recount their […]

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  • Azerbaijan: Slow to Connect

    Azerbaijan: Slow to Connect

    BAKU, Azerbaijan | Outside the oil wealth and boom-town atmosphere of this Caspian Sea capital, young Azeris are struggling to keep up with an increasingly connected world. While youth in […]

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