Civic Development Institute Develops National Model for Basic Literacy, Numeracy and Life skills for deprived children in Georgia and Azerbaijan

The Second Chance Education Class

The Second Chance Education Class

Civic Development Institute prepared a new book “ Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills Guide for Primary Teachers”.

The  goal of this book is to popularize the Second Chance Education Model and empower teachers ‘instruction given that it is both an effective and efficient way for teaching  the children with low academic performance. The authors begin with a review of the basic competencies of Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills. The second chapter provides strategies, concepts and lesson plan examples with basic instructional procedures and students’ illustrated materials.

On November 11, 2011, Civic Development Institute presented the book to the representatives of Education field in Georgia. Azerbaijan Children Union representatives attended the presentation.

In October, 2011, 12 classes were established in Tbilisi, Telavi (Georgia), Baku and Ganja (Azerbaijan).   Children living in poverty and under high risk participate in the learning process. The trained teachers deliver interactive lessons using the critical and creative thinking strategies; active learning and problem based teaching approaches.

Children are learning very hard. “It’s very interesting to read and write, to discuss the fairy tale heroes’ actions and decisions, to write own opinions.  The children have the serious gaps in reading and writing, But that is changing, good.  For the success it’s very important to know to plan lessons taking into consideration the literacy and social needs of children, to understand child’s inner world and look at the life in child’s view. My student told me: You found the special key for me”, told Inga Tetradze, Literacy teacher.

Civic Development Institute is developing training programs on Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills.  The prepared training program will be submitted to the state body for accreditation. The second Chance education Model will be available for Georgian and Azerbaijan teachers, school administrators and decision makers.
Tamar Mosiashvili- Project Director.

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