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“Critical Thinking is considered to be one of the most important tools in bringing democracy and open society values to countries in transition like Nepal is!” – Critical Thinking Program Participants, Nepal

Today, the Critical Thinking Training Program for National CT Trainers in Nepal is coming to the end and the program moves to a new phase of its development!  As of December 9th, 2010 – 24 participants representing the in-service group, received their certificates as CT Trainers.  25 participants (pre-service group) will receive their CT Trainer certificates on December 15th 2010, when they complete the final module of 5 phased 5 days Critical Thinking Training Program.

Critical Thinking Program Participants

Critical Thinking Program Participants

The next step of the Program is possible due to great support from the Ministry of Education of Nepal, National Center for Educational Development (NCED) and Faculty of Education (Tribhuvan  University).

The key main stakeholders acknowledged the importance of integrating Critical Thinking pedagogy into the formal and non-formal educational sectors in Nepal. They have identified priority areas of intervention during the upcoming years, and through the support from OSI the following areas of intervention are scheduled for the year 2011:

  • Developing of Critical Thinking based basic level Teacher Training Manual;
  • Developing two Critical Thinking based Teacher’s Guides for social studies grade 8 and science grade 5 ;
  • Piloting of Critical Thinking methodology in Faculty of Education (Tribhuvan  University) – a course at B.Ed. Level;
  • Piloting and integrating Critical Thinking methodology in NCED Teacher Training package;
  • Conducting  work for incorporation of Critical Thinking methodology in school level curriculum and assessment systems (together with Curriculum Development Center);
  • Building and supporting the community of Critical Thinking Practitioners of Nepal;
  • Identification and piloting of new models for dissemination of Critical Thinking methodology other than cascade model.

All these activities are going to be facilitated by Goreto Nepal  (CT program implementer) in close collaboration and coordination with key stakeholders: MoE, NCED, FoE and Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) – the organization which implemented the 2009-2010 Critical Thinking Program in Nepal.  ASD has also expressed its interest to support in organization of a National Conference for Nepal Critical Thinking Community of Practitioners (tentatively December 2011).

December 10, 2010

From Nepal, Veronica Cretu and Nicu Cretu, Critical Thinking International Trainers -We believe that “Freedom is at the core of Critical Thinking!”





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