Emerging from the Shadow: A Comparative Qualitative Exploration of Private Tutoring in Eurasia

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Create DateAugust 6, 2014
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Emerging from the Shadows A Comparative Qualitative Exploration of Private Tutoring in Eurasia.pdf

For a significant number of pupils and their parents, the decision to use private tutoring (PT) services has become a norm, rather than an exception. Empirical evidence suggests that this is not only the case in Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia and Georgia, where the comparative qualitative research effort on which this book is based has been conducted, but probably in most parts of the world. The issue of PT is deeply personal and reflects both the struggles and aspirations of various individuals in both education and life in general. The aim of this publication is to present and discuss empirical evidence, derived from all five participating contexts, illustrating and examining the multiple issues and elements related to the familial decision whether or not to use PT services.

This book was written by Boris Jokić and was originally posted on Privatisation in Education Research Initiative.  


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