Let’s laugh together, let’s learn together- Hungarian campaign on inclusive education

egyuttnevetunkThe Grassroots Europe Initiative of the Education Support Program seeks to help European community-based grassroots organizations in their efforts to mobilize their communities and public opinion around issues of marginalization in education. 


Supported by the initiative, Hungarian grantee Uccu Roma Informal Education Foundation in partnership with four civil organizations has recently launched a campaign that aims to raise awareness on the positive aspects of inclusive education. Many parents have questions, doubts and fears when they find out that their children will learn together with a “different” child (autistic/Roma/children with special needs, etc.). To diffuse these fears, the campaign highlights the benefits and gains of inclusive education to the whole community, will provide better information to parents, as well as moderate a forum concerns can be discusses. As a first step, the grantee has created and launched a campaign film featuring a kindergarten group where diversity brings richness and learning opportunities to all children. The film bearing the motto: “Let’s laugh together, let’s learn together” is disseminated through various websites and social media (FaceBookYouTube). Since its recent launch, it has met rapid and positive feedback from the public. The film is planned to be featured a social advertisement in the mainstream media, as well as to be screened in cinemas, theatres, cultural and community venues.  The second step of the campaign consists of a series of parents’ forum in problematic communities (where parents are opposing integrated education), where the film will serve as a departure point for a discussion on the advantages of integrated education. Screenings are planned in major cities of Hungary as well (Szeged, Pecs, Miskolc).

Laura Cziszter
Education Support Program of the Open Society Foundations





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