ASPERA 2014 Conference – Australian Screen Production, Education, Research Association

Theme: Screen Explosion: Expanding practices, narratives and education for the Creative Screen Industries’.

There are over 30 presentations on New Media and Screen Production, Education and Research. Jeff Julian, Hollywood filmmaker is the keynote speaker. The final draft of the Conference Schedule available on the conference website ­ check it Screen Explosion conference website.

* Keynote Speaker Jeff Julian, Futurist and Hollywood filmmaker who is also the Director of Creative Innovation at the University of Newcastle
* Over 30 academic presentations on the Creative Screen Industries
* Film and Television Industry Panelists and ARC Research Presentations
* Round Table Discussions ­ Screen Production Research and PhD examinations
* a Korsakow Documentary Workshop
* Film Screenings

The 16 themed sessions include topics like:

* Animations Filmmaking and 3D sound
* Creative Screen Practices
* New Documentary: New Methodology
* Database Documentaries
* Indian Australian Filmmaking
* Screen Piracy in the digital age
* Screen Production Education
* International film production and co-productions
* Indian and Bollywood film production
* Participatory online projects
* Social media as a production platform
* Teaching screen Production
* Theorising Film Practice
* Screen research through the PhD Film
* Old and new collaborative practices

ASPERA 2014 will be held at the University of Newcastle on June 18th – 20th.

Click here for the 2014 conference program.

Click here for the conference registration information.


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