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  • The age at which people leave the country to go work abroad is increasingly becoming younger,

    Romania: Addressing the Children Left Behind

    School and Community. Model of intervention in the communities with children left behind “The age at which people leave the country to go work abroad is increasingly becoming younger, and […]

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  • the Chinese educational NGOs growing up in Chinese political social transformation are the partner of the state power which also wants to reshape the society towards democracy and justice.

    State Power

    State Power, Progressive Social Movement and Educational NGOs in China Zhou Yong, He Shanyun and their research group have been working hard in understanding Chinese educational NGOs from broad political […]

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  • Many ways to cultivate modern citizenship in China.

    Progress on the Study of China’s education NGOs

    In accordance with the timeframe in the research proposal, we and our research assistants began the interview work on March, 29. Since then, we have finished 3 interviews, in Beijing […]

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  • Critical Thinking Program Participants

    Critical Thinking Nepal

    “Critical Thinking is considered to be one of the most important tools in bringing democracy and open society values to countries in transition like Nepal is!” – Critical Thinking Program […]

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  • Romanian children. Creative Commons licensed.

    Romania: Rural Idyll

    Эта статью также можно прочитать в русском переводе All 160 or so fifth- to eighth-graders at the school are Roma, yet none lives in the village. As Romani parents from […]

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  • Kyrgyz schoolboy. Photo by Ben Paarmann. Creative Commons licensed.

    Kyrgyzstan: Still Waiting

    Osh, KYRGYZSTAN | Looking back on the tumultuous events of March 2005, Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev once said that the Kyrgyz nation was “put on the edge of losing its […]

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  • Students at the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics and other prestigious foreign university branches in Tashkent say they can’t get away with skipping class and paying teachers for good grades. Photo: Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics in Tashkent.

    Uzbekistan: From Russia, With Luck

    TASHKENT, Uzbekistan | Anya entered the Tashkent branch of an expensive Russian economics university rather than one of Uzbekistan’s public universities, gambling that her choice would lead to a good […]

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  • Moldova: Prioritizing Progress

    Moldova: Prioritizing Progress

    CHISINAU, Moldova | Progressive education has reached even the remotest of villages in the former Soviet republic of Moldova.

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  • Bosnia: Girls Just Want to Go to School

    Bosnia: Girls Just Want to Go to School

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina | In the capital, elementary schools, secondary schools, and especially universities are bursting at the seams with students. But just over an hour’s drive northwest of […]

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