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  • Romania: Learn to motivate to learn with RWCT IC!

    Romania: Learn to motivate to learn with RWCT IC!

    Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium (RWCT IC) is preparing to deliver the first Grundtvig & Comenius course of a series of nine, entitled Motivating adult learners’ participation […]

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  • Sisli Vocational High School in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by World Bank on Flickr.

    Turkey: Roma Students Go Beyond the Barriers

    The Roma population in Turkey is estimated to be around 2 millions although the numbers vary according to different sources. And Turkey is in no better situation than other European […]

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  • Roma Education Fund (REF) brings new developments in its Scholarships Programme.

    Roma Education Fund

    The recent evaluation of the Roma Education Fund Scholarships Programme suggested that in order to bring more transparency and efficiency into the process of beneficiaries’ selection and progress monitoring, the […]

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  • Serbia: On Edge

    Serbia: On Edge

    BELGRADE, Serbia | New exit exams for elementary school students, the introduction of Romani teaching assistants, an equal starting point for all children – all were big changes brought about […]

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  • Slovakia: The Kids of Lunik IX

    Slovakia: The Kids of Lunik IX

    Filmmakers Michelle Coomber and Dana Wilson were researching their documentary Trial of a Child Denied about the sterilization of Czech Romani women, when a contact at the Roma Press Agency […]

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  • Romanian children. Creative Commons licensed.

    Romania: Rural Idyll

    Эта статью также можно прочитать в русском переводе All 160 or so fifth- to eighth-graders at the school are Roma, yet none lives in the village. As Romani parents from […]

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