Georgia: No Child Left Behind Program

(National Model for Basic Literacy, Numeracy and Life skills for deprived children in Georgia and Azerbaijan)

The meeting was hosted by NGO Azeri Children Union

The meeting was hosted by NGO Azeri Children Union

On 2-5 September, 20011 the first international meeting was held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Georgian education experts, selected teachers and project staff were participating in the meeting.

The meeting was hosted by NGO Azeri Children Union.

The Georgian and Azerbaijani experts were presented prepared materials: the accelerated curriculum in Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills, teachers manual and student’s text-book.

The experts use student centered approaches as a basis of the teaching and learning process. The literacy component is based on the program Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking, the Numeracy – on the problem-based teaching, and life skills on active learning.

The prepared materials also envisage the Azeri and Georgian children to better know the culture of the Caucasian region. The student’s text-book includes the best examples of Georgian and Azerbaijani Literature.

The pedagogues had planned lessons. The participants got familiar with the teaching methodology of each direction. The Second Chance Education model will be piloted in public schools, non-formal education centers and shelters in Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The teaching process will be observed by the Azerbaijani and Georgian experts, the materials will be processed and updated.

In October 6 classes in Georgia and 6 classes in Azerbaijan teaching process has begun. Classes are held twice a week for one academic hour (45 minutes). The Children from socially unprotected families, living in poverty, with the poor knowledge of alphabet, poor academic performance and drop out from the schools are involved in the teaching process.

Before the start of education process the teachers made a diagnostic of students’ knowledge level by means of appropriate tests.

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