Kazakhstan: Education reform shelved due to economic downturn

Astana’s ambitious plan to add a year to its school curriculum has been postponed indefinitely as lower oil prices and the recession in neighboring Russia batter Kazakhstan’s economy.

“Taking into account the situation, the question of the transition to a 12-year program must be postponed,” Education and Science Minister Aslan Sarinzhipov told journalists after a Senate session on January 22, TengriNews reports.

Sarinzhipov went on to explain how financial considerations were impacting the situation. “There are many factors, including financial possibilities. The government is now working on the head of state’s instruction to prepare different scenarios for the economy. Proceeding from this situation, we have decided to put it [the program] on hold.”

The move to add a year to Kazakhstan’s 11-grade system, a legacy from Soviet times, is seen as key to modernizing the education sector. The extra year would bring the country’s system in line with international standards and enable external recognition of Kazakhstani secondary education qualifications.

Now as Astana slashes its growth expectations and lowers budget revenue forecasts, the 12-year program has become an early casualty of the government’s belt tightening.

This is not the first time that these reforms have been shelved. In 2011 the Education Ministry put back plans to add a year to the curriculum until 2015, citing a deficit of space and trained teachers.

The ministry piloted the 12-year model in 104 schools between 2011 and 2014 using experimental textbooks and teaching materials. The 12-year program was supposed to be fully implemented by 2020.

Approaches used in the pilot program, such as focusing on competencies and the use of multilingualism – Kazakhstan wants to base its education on the Kazakh, Russian and English languages – will now somehow be integrated into the 11-grade curriculum, Sarinzhipov said.

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