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  • Romania: A Doctor in the Family

    Romania: A Doctor in the Family

    CLUJ-NAPOCA, Romania | Watching an older brother slowly recover from a serious car crash a few years ago, Alina Calin, then a teenager, gradually realized she wanted nothing more than […]

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  • Kyrgyzstan: Growing a Kindergarten

    Kyrgyzstan: Growing a Kindergarten

    BATKEN, Kyrgyzstan | Five-year-old Yrysbek has been going to the Liliya community kindergarten in Boz-Adyr village for the past several months. “We play here, watch TV and teachers tells stories. […]

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  • Kosovo: You Get What You Pay For

    Kosovo: You Get What You Pay For

    PRISTINA, Kosovo | Besim Gashi sits in a classroom of the Skenderbeu school, in a village in western Kosovo. Behind him, a tattered journal hangs in the corner, chronicling the […]

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  • CyberChaikhana Sample Chapter

    CyberChaikhana Sample Chapter

      CyberChaikhana: Digital Conversations from Central Asia, a book compiling the best posts from the neweurasia network, has released a sample chapter on education in Central Asia, “Got Spellcheck, Will Work for Food.”

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  • Turkmenistan: Doors Opening, Doors Slamming

    Turkmenistan: Doors Opening, Doors Slamming

    Much was made of this year’s secondary school graduating class in Turkmenistan, in both local and international media. This was due to the fact that no students graduated from Turkmen […]

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  • Macedonia: Back to School

    Macedonia: Back to School

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | A man with a bachelor’s degree in electro-technology drives a taxi in the city. Another man with a diploma in economics spends his days toiling as a […]

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  • Armenia: Out With the Old

    Armenia: Out With the Old

    YEREVAN, Armenia | Several women sit in a lecture room in Yerevan State University’s biology department. In angry voices loud enough to be heard down the corridor, they recount their […]

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  • Workers assemble electrical products at a KWL plant.

    Ukraine: Butchers, Bakers, and Software Makers

    LVIV, Ukraine | Once the backbone of the Ukrainian educational system, trade schools turned out steelworkers, cooks, mechanics, welders, and bus conductors to fill waiting jobs in the centralized economy. […]

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