The World University Project

world university projectThe World University Project (WUP), a very interesting endeavor based in Cambridge.  It’s headed by J. Nathan Matias.  From their website:

“The World University Project will take a team of young academics to universities around the world to give workshops in their fields, connect students with their peers elsewhere, and create a digital documentary on the role of universities in the era of globalisation.

“With recent growth in international academic programs and increased emphasis on higher education in economic development, demand is growing for academics to teach and research outside their home country. In this dynamic environment of differing university settings and objectives, rising academics and administrators need to be prepared for the challenges of a career abroad, made aware of opportunities, and informed on the varied cultures, structures, and resources which define such a career.

“The global economy increasingly requires international awareness and cooperation. University life provides a common reference for students to consider each others’ unique lives. This project will make that connection possible.  By teaching workshops, the team will provide a service to participating institutions while working directly with students. The resulting digital documentary will then combine the stories of students, analyses from experts, and the team’s observations into a rich interactive resource. ”

The project is in need of volunteers.  If you’re interested in helping, please contact it atworlduniversityproject [at] gmail [dot] com or natematias [at] gmail [dot] com.




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