Caucasus Network for Children website launched on December 18, 2013

The Caucasus Network for Children (CNC) brings together civil society organizations working with vulnerable children in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation. The aim of the Network is to advance and safeguard the rights of children from vulnerable groups and their inclusion into education and the life of the community. 15 civil society organizations – the current CNC members – are united by shared vision for children in their region: “All children in the Caucasus region have equal access to inclusive education”.

The CNC grew out of the Education Cooperation Across the Caucasus Initiative launched by ESP in 2008 in hopes of uniting activists and professionals working in education across the Caucasus to transcend political complexities of the region. This initiative has developed from supporting separate projects by individual NGOs working with marginalized children in 2009-10, through regional-level cooperation in the framework of joint cross-border consortium projects in 2011-12, to development of a more formal network. The Caucasus Network for Children (CNC) was formally launched in January 2013.

The website contains principal information about the CNC and its members, as well as about the history and joint work of the one-year old network. Click here to see the website.


Olena Sydorenko

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