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  • Romania: Do Not Disturb

    Romania: Do Not Disturb

    BUCHAREST | High school junior Alexandru Marinescu likes history so much that he decided years ago to include it on his baccalaureate exams next summer. But weeks ago he learned […]

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  • A Mongolian student tries out an OLPC laptop. Photo by Carla Gomez.

    Mongolia: Out in the Cold

    ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia | Built in the 1960s, the primary school in the Ikh-Uul soum (rural district) featured shoddy construction to begin with. Now years later, the building is extremely slanted […]

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  • Georgia: Experiment in Diversity

    Georgia: Experiment in Diversity

    TBILISI | Each school day Ina Mangoshvili and her daughter Mari climb narrow Petriashvili Street to Public School No. 21.

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  • Russia: Will the USE be useful?

    Russia: Will the USE be useful?

    ULYANOVSK, Russia | Almost all Russian soon-to-be graduates are trembling in the expectation of the looming date of 26 May. That is the “day of reckoning”, when their grasp of […]

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