History educators finalize a new multi-perspective teaching resource on sensitive and controversial history in the Western Balkans 1900-1945

bookThe latest EUROCLIO collaborative educational publication “Once Upon A Time … We Lived Together: Joint Work in a Multi-perspective Approach” is now available in 8 languages, for free in full, downloadable PDF Book format.

It contains 23 innovative exemplar (active learning) workshops focusing on some of the most sensitive and controversial topics of regional history between 1900-1945. The modules provide access to facilitate learning with over 1000 visual and written primary sources. It is collaboratively designed by over 60 educators, historians, curriculum developers and textbook authors active in the History Educator Associations of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Since July 2014 over 600 History Educators at Teacher Training Events in all project countries and beyond have been trained, providing feedback on how to further approach sensitive and controversial history by way of innovative didactic approaches, and contributing to existing official and alternative resources, initiatives and networks.

The Educational Resource Book is available in Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, English, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian. Hard-copy versions are available at request.

The following EUROCLIO Members participated in this work:

EUROCLIO-HIP Bosnian Association of History Teachers
Croatian History Teachers Association
History Teachers Association of Kosovo
Association of History Educators in Macedonia
HIPMONT Association of History Educators in Montenegro
EUROCLIO-UDI Association of Social History in Serbia
History Teachers Association of Slovenia

More information on the History that Connects Programme Website.

The Project was supported by:

.              Open Society Foundations Education Support Program

.              Norway – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Western Balkan Division

.              Belgium – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Peace Division

.              United Nations Alliance of Civilisations

In 2015 EUROCLIO will continue to work its Member Association of History Educators in the region to promote innovative and responsible approaches to History Education. Expected activities include a Summer School and a Regional Website on History Education. Please contact Programme Manager Jonathan Even-Zohar (jonathan@euroclio.eu) for more information, opportunities of partnerships and/or other inquiries.


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