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  • Macedonia’s Cooling-Off Period

    Macedonia’s Cooling-Off Period

    SKOPJE | Macedonia has two recent histories: one for ethnic Macedonians and another for the ethnic Albanians who make up about a quarter of the population. The two sides fought […]

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  • Macedonia: Giving Education the Runaround

    Macedonia: Giving Education the Runaround

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | As Macedonia entered local and presidential election campaigns in mid-March, education was yet again among the government’s lowest priorities. Beyond generic promises to improve education infrastructure and […]

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  • Macedonia: The Politics of Incompetence

    Macedonia: The Politics of Incompetence

    Skopje, MACEDONIA | Despite announcing bombastic plans to overhaul the education sector over the past few years, the government of Macedonia has failed to devise a comprehensive strategy that could […]

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  • Macedonia: Learn to Forget

    Macedonia: Learn to Forget

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | Ivana’s homework has a familiar refrain: she memorizes lessons from physics, chemistry, math, and history classes. She does this until her head aches, she complains, “and that’s […]

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  • The plot of last year’s Macedonian Film “Shadows” involves the trade in human bones. Photo: Bavaria Film International.

    Macedonia: Macabre Market

    SKOPJE | Like a character in a crime movie, Olga walked through the dark alleys of the city’s Taftalidje district late one February night. Waiting in the shadows was a […]

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  • Macedonia: Go to the Head of the Class

    Macedonia: Go to the Head of the Class

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | Kire Krstevski admits that he doesn’t like to study. The first-year university student from the city of Bitola said he was lazy about keeping his grades up […]

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  • Macedonia: Class Struggle

    Macedonia: Class Struggle

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | The Albanian students who attend Zef Ljus Marku High School don’t know the Macedonian students at Nikola Karev High School, even though both groups attend classes in […]

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  • Macedonia: Back to School

    Macedonia: Back to School

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | A man with a bachelor’s degree in electro-technology drives a taxi in the city. Another man with a diploma in economics spends his days toiling as a […]

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  • Macedonia: PC Politics

    Macedonia: PC Politics

    SKOPJE, Macedonia | Koco Racin is an elementary school in the small village of Petrovec, about 15 kilometers from the capital.

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