Central Asia

  • Very few of these disabled children attend school.

    Disability in Tajikistan: The hidden children

    And the parents coming together to instigate change In Tajikistan, as in other places round the world, disability is stigmatised and children are sent to state institutions or hidden away […]

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  • No More Teachers, No More Books

    No More Teachers, No More Books

    Tajikistan wants to teach Islam to its  children, in its own way. But critics say the effort is hobbled by  paranoia and corruption. DUSHANBE | When Nozigul Khasanova learned that […]

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  • Uzbekistan: New Model, Old Problems

    Uzbekistan: New Model, Old Problems

    With one third of its population children under the age of 15, Uzbekistan has had little choice but to spend millions of dollars on education reforms since the mid-1990s. But […]

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  • A Mongolian student tries out an OLPC laptop. Photo by Carla Gomez.

    Mongolia: Out in the Cold

    ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia | Built in the 1960s, the primary school in the Ikh-Uul soum (rural district) featured shoddy construction to begin with. Now years later, the building is extremely slanted […]

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  • Kyrgyzstan: Cold Classrooms

    Kyrgyzstan: Cold Classrooms

    OSH, Kyrgyzstan | “I want to be a doctor,” declares Nafisa, an eighth-grader at School No. 105 in the suburbs of Kyrgyzstan’s second-largest city. “My friend Aziza wants to be […]

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  • Kazakhstan: Only the Nimble Survive

    Kazakhstan: Only the Nimble Survive

    Many parts of Kazakhstan’s economy have experienced the painful impact of the recession, but education has been hit particularly hard. All Kazakhstan’s higher education institutions have been hurt recently by […]

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  • Kyrgyzstan: Islamic Schools in the Spotlight

    Kyrgyzstan: Islamic Schools in the Spotlight

    OSH, Kyrgyzstan | Islamic schools are coming under increased official scrutiny since the harsh response to a religious disturbance in southern Kyrgyzstan last autumn. The authorities say madrasas flout the […]

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  • Kyrgyzstan: Growing a Kindergarten

    Kyrgyzstan: Growing a Kindergarten

    BATKEN, Kyrgyzstan | Five-year-old Yrysbek has been going to the Liliya community kindergarten in Boz-Adyr village for the past several months. “We play here, watch TV and teachers tells stories. […]

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  • Kazakhstan: Short on Funds, Not Ambition

    Kazakhstan: Short on Funds, Not Ambition

    ALMATY, Kazakhstan | With its booming oil industry, Kazakhstan, unlike many of its Central Asian neighbors, can certainly afford to invest in education. Yet, recent increases in its education budget […]

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  • CyberChaikhana Sample Chapter

    CyberChaikhana Sample Chapter

      CyberChaikhana: Digital Conversations from Central Asia, a book compiling the best posts from the neweurasia network, has released a sample chapter on education in Central Asia, “Got Spellcheck, Will Work for Food.”

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