EELC: A law centre dedicated to advancing the right to a basic education

January of this year saw the launching of the Equal Education Law Centre (EELC), a team of young dynamic professionals targeting their collective talents towards ensuring the realisation of every learner’s right to an adequate basic education.

The EELC has been established in response to South Africa’s ailing education system and as a result of the need for legal specialists in education law and policy. It also seeks to develop young, up and coming social justice orientated lawyers. The Centre has a distinguished board of trustees with a vast range of experience in education, policy development and social activism. The Centre works closely with its sister organisation, Equal Education (EE) a national movement aimed at addressing inequality within the education system.

Since opening its doors the Centre has supported EE’s work in various ways such as preparing a policy submission to the Minister of Basic Education on the draft national policy on education districts, launching an urgent application to secure permission for EE’s annual Human Rights Day march, which aimed to highlight the Minister’s failure to publish legally binding standards for school infrastructure, and filing an internal appeal through the Promotion of Access to Information Act which ultimately assisted EE in securing access to information relating to the proposed closure of 27 Western Cape schools.

The EELC will seek to ensure improved governance and accountability across the education system and will address challenges such as the failure of school districts to secure critical resources for learners such as textbooks, desks and chairs.

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