Peace Building Through Football

Photo from streetfootballworld' s Facebook page.

Photo from streetfootballworld’ s Facebook page.

Around the world, local organisations use football as a tool to address social challenges in areas such as health, peace building, children’s rights and education, social integration and gender equality. They use football to convey fundamental values to young people, inspiring them to create positive social change in their communities.

Streetfootballworld was established as an international platform for these organisations to increase their impact through shared knowledge and effective collaboration. Today, streetfootballworld is a thriving network of over 80 organisations using football for social change.

All 13 of streetfootballworld’s East African member organisations celebrated this year’s International Day of Peace with organised football events. Each organisation showcased how football can be a powerful tool for peace building and reconciliation. The events took place in six countries across East Africa, with organisations celebrating under a shared slogan – Teaming up for peace: Building and celebrating peace in East Africa through football.

Football tournaments and clinics brought together young people from different tribal backgrounds and offered a safe space for intercultural understanding and learning. Many events encouraged young girls to take part in the activities in order to overcome issues of gender inequality.

With events held in ten locations, from South Sudan to Tanzania, the campaign demonstrated a shared love of football and a strong will for peaceful coexistence in a region that has long suffered from ethnic and religious conflict.

“The purpose of the day is to echo and reflect peace,” stated Margaret Belewa, streetfootballworld’s regional coordinator in East Africa. “It is a moment for the whole world to think about and maintain peace.


To read more about the individual events across East Africa, as well as other stories from the streetfootballworld network, visit the streetfootballworld blog.


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